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Stopping Rust with “The Rust Stopper” by HinderRUST

HinderRUST developed and manufactures The Rust Stopper, the first scientifically formulated rust inhibitor with surface-active adsorption chemistry. Our product was developed by world-renowned lubricant chemist Franklin G. Reick. Frank is also the inventor of Tufoil, a worldwide lubrication product that holds the Guinness Book record as the world’s most efficient lubricant.

Surface-active adsorption chemistry? That’s a fancy way of saying that a good rust stopper has to adhere to the metal it is trying to protect. What good is it if it washes off in the first rainstorm?

Don’t let the competitor claims fool you. The fact is that any rust inhibitor treatment can be washed away if you apply a strong water stream at it for long enough. What makes our Rust Stopper unique is its ability to withstand these elements longer and more effectively while still completely protecting the metal surface.

Adsorption, V.

From Wikipedia:
Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions or molecules from a gas, liquid or dissolved solid to a surface. This process creates a film of the adsorbate (HinderRUST) on the surface of the adsorbent (metal).

Rust Stopper Spray

The Rust Stopper spray was developed to be easy to apply and completely safe to use. Our non-solvent rust formula penetrates on contact, creating a protective and long-lasting shield for all of your metal surfaces. With The Rust Stopper, you won’t just get rust repair, you get a proven rust prevention barrier that gives new and long-lasting life to once-rusted auto parts and other metal surfaces. Whether you’re stopping existing rust, or trying to prevent it in the first place, try HinderRUST Rust Stopper and you’ll see the difference a scientifically proven product really makes.

Rust Stopper vs. Other Rust Inhibitors

During the development of HinderRUST Rust Stopper, we tested our product fairly and carefully in a salt/fog humidity chamber against almost all of the major rust inhibitor products including WD-40, Boeshield, POR-15, TC-11 and others.

Frankly, we were amazed at just how bad the vast majority of rust inhibitors are. Only a couple actually prevented rust for any significant period, and none as completely, or for as long, as our Rust Stopper.



Try HinderRUST today and we are sure you will never need another rust prevention product.

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