HinderRUST HV100


HinderRUST HV100 is our most durable version. This heavy-duty version thickens over time to create a gel-like shield to protect against extreme conditions. It is engineered to slowly self-polymerize over time after application and will never harden to a solid surface.

HinderRUST provides surface protection for metal parts that need protection before and after exposure to the elements. It is engineered to stop rust before it starts, and to stop rust that has started. Strong surface adhesion. Very hard to remove by exposure to normal weather elements. No rust inhibitor is considered permanent — to ensure long-lasting protection, reapply as needed. It is also solvent-free which means it is safe for users, non-flammable, will not evaporate, and may be used in enclosed spaces.

Typical Applications:

  • Free up frozen joints and fasteners
  • Tools and weapons protection
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Weather-exposed metals
  • Outdoor storage
  • Marine environments
  • Apply pre-assembly to stop corrosion
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