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“…yeah, but that TruCoat, you know they put that on at the factory…”

– William H. Macy, from the movie FARGO

Looking for an Auto Rust Inhibitor that Actually Works?

With so many products and so many claims made by car dealers about their miraculous “undercoating,” it’s no wonder the movie Fargo chose to poke fun at this classic car dealer rip-off.

The destructive forces of water and road salts cause corrosion every day that leads to expensive damage to the metal underbody of vehicles. This not only results in poor appearance and degradation in value, but also hazardous safety issues and expensive repairs. In order to protect your valuable investment, you need a rust prevention product that delivers long-term protection.

From Franklin G. Reick, the award-winning inventor of Tufoil®, we give you HinderRUST, the solvent-free auto rust inhibitor that makes auto body rust repair and prevention a breeze. Penetrating on contact, it creates a chemically active surface barrier that bonds with the metal surface, protecting your auto body undercarriage and any other exposed, unpainted metal for extended periods of time.

In the world of auto rust inhibitors, HinderRUST is an extraordinarily effective and unique compound.

  1. Comparison tests show it to be more effective than any other rust inhibitor available today. See our video comparing HinderRUST to some of the biggest household names in rust prevention. They don’t even come close to operating effectively for as long as HinderRUST does.
  2. Surface Adhesion – HinderRUST is a surface-active compound that actually bonds to metal through a process known as adsorption. As such, it is hard to wash off and requires very little, if any, reapplication.
  3. Self Repairing — HinderRUST is surface active — one incredible property of HinderRUST is that it actually spreads along the surface of metal over time, penetrating and covering areas you may have missed or where the compound has been removed. This property alone makes it incredibly effective over a longer period than any other auto rust inhibitor. Spray it on or near a rusty wheel and watch as it seeps deep into the part to lubricate and free up movement.
  4. It Repels Water — HinderRUST can be applied on a wet metal surface and it will actually displace water off the surface as it bonds directly with the metal on a molecular level.
  5. It’s solvent-free — All HinderRUST products are made without solvents. You never have to worry about working in closed spaces, or long-term odors.
  6. It’s non-flammable unlike famously ineffective solvent-based rust removal products that shall remain nameless!

Why Does HinderRUST Auto Rust Inhibitor Work So Well?

HinderRUST attacks existing corrosion and displaces moisture as it reaches deep into the smallest areas, adhering to the base metal and putting an end to auto body rust, corrosion and deterioration once and for all. It will even stop filiform corrosion and prevent further damage to chipped auto body paint.

HinderRUST makes two separate products that are appropriate for auto rust stopping and prevention. One is a surface spray and the other is an undercoating product. The chemistry of the rust inhibition is largely the same; however, the undercoating is much thicker which provides an added level of protection appropriate to the harsh environment found under most vehicles.

Surface Active HinderRUST Spray

Our rust inhibitor spray formula is based on “surface active” technology. Through a chemical process known as adsorption, HinderRUST actually expands across the surface of metal and adheres on a molecular level. It creates a film on the surface of the metal which is difficult to wash off unless high-pressure water or solvents are applied. It is great for use on car surfaces with rot, dents, body work, chipped paint, pitted chrome…the list goes on and on. A common use of HinderRUST spray is to stop rust on doors and hoods where the paint has chipped away. Rusting will be stopped dead in its tracks for as long as it takes you to repair and repaint the damaged area.

HinderRUST HV-100

A thicker version of HinderRUST spray, our car or truck underbody coating is made specifically to adhere to all the nooks and crannies of auto undercarriages. Made with the same rust inhibiting and lubrication qualities as the spray, its high-viscosity formula will create a hydrophobic layer that will prevent future rust and corrosion on the undercarriage of your vehicle.

STOP Auto Body Rust with HinderRUST

Don’t let rust make your auto body look like a goat farm! Instead, protect it with HinderRUST auto rust inhibitor. HinderRUST is the first scientifically formulated rust and corrosion inhibitor that is easy to apply and is extremely safe to use. Our proprietary non-solvent rust prevention formula quickly and deeply penetrates on contact, creating a protective barricade, making it the most effective auto rust inhibitor of its kind. Safe for use on all metals, it will not harm most paints or plastics, and has superb lubricating properties. With HinderRUST auto rust inhibitor, you get far more than auto rust protection, you get a proven rust prevention shield that gives new and long lasting life to once-rusted auto bodies and saves you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Try it today and see the HinderRUST difference.

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