Fluoramics Premium All-Purpose, Full-Density PTFE Tape Now Available!

Fluoramics Introduces Premium, All-Purpose Full-Density PTFE Tape – Great for Sealing Large-Diameter Pipe Fittings

Fluoramics, Inc. has introduced a line of Premium, All-Purpose Full-Density PTFE Tapes that are ideal for sealing large-diameter and high-pressure fittings. The tapes are available in ½” and ¾” widths and are designed to seal fittings up to 6” in diameter with just two to three wraps of the threads.

Approved for use in oxygen service, the highly versatile tapes are green in color and can be used in tandem with Fluoramics’ LOX-8® Paste to handle the toughest thread sealing challenges, including chlorine, fluorine, anhydrous ammonia, urea, hydrogen sulfide, natural gas, argon, helium, oxygen, and propane.

Unlike standard density tapes that are often difficult to apply and prone to shredding, Fluoramics Full Density PTFE Tapes provide bulk fill that stays in place as it seals large metal and plastic fittings.

You can purchase our new PTFE Tape here.