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In regards to the LOX-8…What an exceptional product! I originally reached out to Fluoramics because I had leaks on my chemical feed lines on my Sodium Hypochlorite system. After the LOX-8 resolved those issues, I applied it to my Sodium Hydroxide system and then my Aluminum Sulfate system. I no longer have leaks. I wish I knew about this product years ago. Highly recommend this product!


We use LOX-8 with any threaded fitting that contains Sodium Hypochlorite. Before we switched to it, we tried multiple thread sealants that would just break down and start to leak. Since we have switched, as long as the fitting stays intact, the LOX-8 has kept the Hypochlorite in our pipes and off our floors! Due to it’s success, we have started using it on other chemical pipe fittings throughout our facility.


I am a Mechanical Engineer with a product that uses an outsourced hand-switched (a toggle) air valve.
After just a couple dozen cycles, you could feel that the valve was already losing its smooth actuation.
At about 30,000 cycles, the valve would stop working (air would leak through when the valve was closed.
Note: While 30,000 seems like a lot, but it's only about four months of use by one of our customers.
We needed to improve the life, hopefully without a complete design change.
The lubrication was a silicone grease, we washed that away and replaced the lube with LOX-8 Grease.
The life is now 800,000 cycles! That's twenty-six (26) times the life with just a lubrication change (the mechanics were not changed).


Absolutely LOVE all the Fluoramics products I have purchased. Truly outstanding consistent performance. Tufoil for Engines, Lightning Grease, Lubit-8, HinderRUST, Gun-Coat, all great products!


I used the High Temperature Spindle Grease to coat the roller wheel bearings (sintered) inside my clothes dryer. Works great and doesn’t melt out. I ordered this item again last night.


I am using Lightning Grease in my old, steel-framed Tommaso bicycle. I have had it for years and do all of the mechanical work myself, as I take the time to get it just so, while local bike shops work on volume and "close" is good enough to get it out the door. "Close" is not good enough for me, so I do the work myself. I use my bicycle greases on my guns also.


I would like you to know that your product Lox-8 has worked flawlessly in our application and CO2 system. I fully endorse your product and couldn’t be more satisfied! Thank you for the help and creating an unstoppable product!

Lighting/EFX Crew Chief
Disney’s Hollywood Studios


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