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Stainless Steel Anti-galling

Prevent Galling in Stainless Steel Fittings –
Use LOX-8 Paste!

Galling is an adhesive “cold-welding” process that often occurs during the torqueing of stainless steel fittings where the shear forces between the threads causes transfer material transfer and hardening between the bolt and fastener. This cold-welding process fuses the fitting, making it impossible to break.

Here are several tips to prevent galling in a stainless steel fitting:

  1. Use high quality bolts and fasteners with smooth threaded surfaces. This limits the transfer of material between the bolt and fastener.
  2. Pay close attention to how you tighten the fitting. As you near the end of the tightening process, slow your torqueing speed to reduce friction and torque only as far as necessary to get a tight fit.
  3. Use LOX-8 Paste – the highest-quality PTFE thread sealant and lubricant you can buy. LOX-8 reduces friction, heat, and material transfer between thread surfaces, and forms a reliable yet reversible seal.

Oxygen-safe LOX-8 Paste is widely used in the medical equipment and food handling industries, and in gaseous and liquid oxygen systems. Immune to the effects of many noxious chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, urea, and anhydrous ammonia, LOX-8 is a mainstay thread sealant in water treatment facilities and in the production of sodium hypochlorite.

LOX-8 Paste has been tested to ASTM G72-86, WHA International, and BAM, and has been approved for use in food handling systems by NSF. The LOX-8 NSN number is 8030-00-829-3982.

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