LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty

LOX-8 Plumbers Putty
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LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty  is a chemical-resistant putty engineered for sealing drains, sinks, chemical waste floor drains, or clean-outs in labs, medical and dental settings, or other areas which use acids, alkaline or caustic chemicals.

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is a non-hardening, non-flammable silicone-free chemical-resistant plumber’s putty that will not degrade and leak like other putties. Use it with Orion, Watts and other chemical waste floor drains, clean-outs, sinks, and sink drains in laboratories, medical facilities, and other places which use aggressive chemicals. Safe to use with plastics, chlorines, and gasoline, diesel, and kerosene fuel systems.

Use LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty on:

  • Hospital (Curb) Sinks and Drains
  • Medical, Dental, and Surgical Sinks and Drains
  • Laboratory Sinks and Drains
  • Chemical Waste Floor Drains
  • Clean-outs

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is easy to apply: simply warm the putty in your hands, roll it into rope-like strands and apply it to clean and dry areas on traps, sinks and drains as usual.

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is available in both a 1/8 lb. jar (part 9722167) and a 1 lb jar. (part 9722168).

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is part of the LOX-8 family of products. Other items in the family include oxygen-safe LOX-8 Paste, oxygen-safe LOX-8 Grease, LOX-8 LD, and LOX-8 NF Oil. LOX-8 products are silicone-free sealants and greases especially suited for use where harsh chemicals such as chlorine and powerful oxidizers are present.

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