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LOX-8 LD is a chemical-resistant PTFE thread sealant formulated for large diameter fittings. Providing superior performance as a lubricant and sealant, LOX-8 LD withstands both extreme temperatures and high pressure. Non-hardening, it permits repetitive assembly and disassembly of fittings.

It is a PCTFE/PTFE paste recommended for all applications, including where harsh chemicals such as chlorine, acids, natural gas, or powerful oxidizers are present. LOX-8 LD is engineered to seal large diameter pipes, 1″ and larger and is formulated for both wet and dry conditions. Use in environments where extended service life is important, as well as in chemical processing, cryogenics, industrial gases and other aggressive applications.

LOX-8 LD is:

  • a lubricant and a sealant
  • ideal for use in corrosive environments
  • anti-galling
  • non-toxic
  • fire-resistant

LOX-8 is available in both a 25g jar and a 1 lb. jar.

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