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CHEM-8 is an engineered silicone PTFE lubricant & thread sealant for use in water and vapor applications that do not require the use of an oxygen-safe product. Chem-8 is recommended for aluminum against aluminum surfaces but it is not recommended for alkali, fluorine or HF environments.


  • Works particularly well as a thread sealant for high-pressure gases (except fluorine and oxygen).
  • Ideal pipe joint sealer for aqueous systems like water systems, steam lines, and acids (except HF and alkali).
  • Great high vacuum grease (torr 10-6) to lubricate O-rings or seal threads in vacuum systems.
  • Waterproof, effective to 300°F, chemically inert, and non-toxic.
  • Has an extremely high film strength, which means it stays in place
  • Compatible with rubber, plastic, leather, metal, composite fiber, and electromechanical
  • NLGI 5 grease
  • Gasket sealant in high vapor situations
  • Great for repeated connecting and disconnecting


  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Vacuum systems.
  • Water and steam systems lubricant
  • Agriculture
  • Autoclaved mechanical instruments

Chemical Compatibility Chart

CHEM-8 may be used as a lubricant and thread sealant …

  • with most acids (except alkali, fluorine, hydrogen fluoride)
  • in water and steam lines (waterproof)
  • as a high-vacuum grease (torr 10-6)
  • as a vacuum system o-ring lubricant
  • as a thread sealant with high pressure gases (not oxygen or fluorine)
  • as an autoclave pressure cleaner/lubricant for mechanical instruments
  • in situations of desired high dielectric strength
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