Thread Sealant

Formula-8 Thread Sealant

Formula-8 is specifically made for use as a thread sealant in non-aqueous conditions. (Use our LOX-8 Paste oxygen-compatible thread sealant for wet conditions.) Formula-8 is chemically compatible with diesel fuel, liquid propane gas, and oxygen.



LOX-8 Paste

LOX-8 Paste is used in applications requiring an oxygen-safe, waterproof (or dry) thread sealant that can withstand both high extreme temperatures and high pressure. LOX-8 is a great lubricant for oxygen and chlorine systems, nitrous oxide systems, welding, and stainless steel anti-galling.



LOX-8 Grease

LOX-8 Grease is used in applications requiring an oxygen-safe sealant and lubricant that can withstand both extreme temperatures and high pressure. LOX-8 is a great lubricant for O-rings, pumps, regulators, and oxygen service bearings.

LOX-8 Full Density PTFE Tape


Full Density Tape


LOX-8 PTFE Tape is a multi-purpose and oxygen-approved PTFE tape suitable for use in all situations. May be used alone or with an approved pipe sealant. Approved for use with Fluoramics’ sealants.

LOX-8 Plumber's Putty


Plumber’s Putty

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty  is a chemical-resistant plumber’s putty that works with acids and other harsh chemicals.


Silicone Grease

Chem-8 Grease

Chem-8 is a great lubricant where sophisticated chemicals are packaged, or where corrosion or rusting is a problem. It is especially suitable for mechanical instruments such as hinges, where repeated autoclaving is required. For straight water applications, Chem-8 is both an excellent thread sealant and stem lubricant.

LOX-8 NF Oil is a non-fluorescing solvent-free lubricant

LOX-8 NF Oil

Non-fluorescing Lubricant

LOX-8 NF Oil

LOX-8 NF Oil is a low-viscosity inert PCTFE lubricant. Engineered from oxygen-approved chemistries and allows for lubrication of critically clean surfaces that require black light inspection. LOX-8 NF Oil will not fluoresce under black light.


Chemical-Resistant Thread Sealant for Large Diameter Pipes


LOX-8 LD is engineered as a thread sealant for large diameter pipes. LOX-8 LD withstands both extreme temperatures and high pressure.

Fluoramics Thread Sealants

Fluoramics’ line of thread sealants are bio-compatible, chemically inert, and oxygen-safe products. LOX-8 Paste and Grease are recommended by members of The Chlorine Institute.

Fluoramics Greases

Our odorless, noncorrosive, waterproof, non-migrating greases are ideal where repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.

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