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Weapons care is serious business. For day-to-day use, Gun-Coat, formulated with Tufoil Technology, lubricates, provides faster action, reduces carbon, lead and copper buildup, stops corrosion, reduces maintenance, and improves cold weather performance.

Incorporating aggressive rust inhibitors and moly/PTFE engineering, HinderRUST is a lubricating rust inhibitor that is ideal for restoring and preserving collectible firearms. Use HinderRUST for firearm storage and as a firearm rust inhibitor in wet, coastal, moisture-condensing conditions. HinderRUST frees-up corroded firing mechanisms in old firearms and prevents new corrosion. HinderRUST is solvent-free and non-hazardous, and requires only the thinnest application to provide lasting protection.

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HinderRUST S4.0

Common Uses: Long term storage, protect metal under gun stock from condensation rusting, rust protector


Common Uses: Lubricant, Cleaner, Rust Protector, Wipe-on Surface Protection

Lightning Grease

Common Uses: Fine bearings, Gears, Steppers, Robots, Servo bearings

Gun Care Kit

Common Uses: Lubricates and protects against corrosion, Cleaner, Rust Protector, Extends the life of gun