Metal fabricators and welders now have a way to protect steel from corrosion without impairing their ability to weld it. HinderRUST S4.0 rust inhibitor recently passed extensive weld testing at the Welder Training and Testing Institute (WTTI) in Allentown, PA, providing welders with confidence that they can weld steel directly through this HinderRUST formulation.

HinderRUST S4.0 is widely used in the metal fabrication industry to prevent corrosion of steel. Solvent-free S4.0 can be applied to steel parts or plates by brush, roller or aerosol spray can, and it will immediately displace moisture on the treated surface and protect the steel from rust for up to two years.

To determine if strong, secure welds can be made to steel treated with S4.0, the WTTI conducted a series of tests on A/SA516 Grade 60/70 steel of a uniform thickness of .375″.

The steel pieces treated with HinderRUST S4.0 passed every test without fail: Two transverse face bends, two transverse root bends, two tensile strength tests, and all visual and radiographic inspections. In the case of the tensile strength tests, the two samples withstood 82,558 psi and 78,244 psi loads, respectively, before the steel failed outside the weld areas. The complete WTTI test report can be viewed at, or requested by phone by calling 507-205-9216.