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Stopping Leaks in Water Treatment Plants

Stopping Leaks in Water Treatment Plants with LOX-8® Paste Water Treatment Plant Water treatment plants face many piping system issues including leakage and creep. Caustic chemical exposure leaves a facility susceptible to vulnerabilities in each threaded connection. Inadequate sealants can increase maintenance demands, as well as create a potential for contamination, property [...]

HinderRUST R2.0 Used in Major Pipeline Project

Using HinderRUST to Prevent Rust in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project HinderRUST R2.0 was recently awarded a critical role in stopping rust on the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline will bring gas into Europe from new sources. Learn More About HinderRUST HERE! The Need for Corrosion Control The steel used for [...]

Fluoramics Tufoil® Now Available in 1/2 Liter Bottle!

Tufoil® Now Available in 1/2 Liter Bottle Tufoil®, Fluoramics Inc.’s premier lubricant and engine oil additive, is now available in an economical 1/2 Liter container. The new size offers customers more product at a better price per ounce than the smaller containers and doesn’t take up as much shelf/storage space as the quart or 48 oz. [...]

Fluoramics’ HinderRUST Prevents Interfacial Corrosion

Interfacial Corrosion Stopped in its Tracks by HinderRUST HinderRUST, Fluoramics, Inc.’s premium rust stopping and lubricating product, provides an effective, easy, and safe solution for dealing with rust and corrosion in metal-on-metal applications. Corrosion is not only costly but it is a potentially deadly problem in a number of industries including construction and utility [...]

Fluoramics’ Formula-8® Now Available in 15 gram Tube!

Fluoramics Introduces 15 Gram Tube of Ever-Popular Formula-8® Product Fluoramics, Inc., has introduced a new 15 gram tube of Formula-8® thread sealant. This smaller-sized packaging will appeal to occasional users of Formula-8®, and those who are applying thread sealants on fine threads or in hard-to-reach locations. In addition, manufacturers will find it easy to [...]

Fluoramics Premium All-Purpose, Full-Density PTFE Tape Now Available!

Fluoramics Introduces Premium, All-Purpose Full-Density PTFE Tape - Great for Sealing Large-Diameter Pipe Fittings Fluoramics, Inc. has introduced a line of Premium, All-Purpose Full-Density PTFE Tapes that are ideal for sealing large-diameter and high-pressure fittings. The tapes are available in ½” and ¾” widths and are designed to seal fittings up to 6” in [...]

Fluoramics Super Special Cyber Monday Deals Announced!

CYBER MONDAY: Check Out the ONLINE Specials We’re Offering on November 26th Cyber Monday is only a couple weeks away, and we’re offering six special online only deals starting at Midnight on Monday, November 26, and running all day until 11:59 p.m. Does your car need an oil change soon? Do some items around your [...]

We Now Have Aerosol Spray Can Versions of All Three HinderRUST Products

Fluoramics Introduces Aerosol Spray Can Versions of All Three HinderRUST Products Fluoramics, Inc. has two new versions of HinderRUST® in aerosol spray cans (ASC). The new packaging will allow industrial users and consumers to more quickly and uniformly apply HinderRUST to everything from wire rope and pulleys and manufactured parts, to molds, vehicle under-bodies, hand tools, [...]

Our High Temperature Spindle Grease and Lightning Grease Families Grew!

3 oz. and 14 oz. High Temp Spindle Grease and Lightning Grease Cartridges Now Available! Fluoramics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thread sealants, lubricants and rust inhibitors, has introduced new grease cartridges of two of its best selling Tufoil® Technology products: High Temperature Spindle Grease and Lightning Grease. These cartridges will fit mini and [...]