From the Blackhawk helicopter to NASA to Space X, Fluoramics products play a crucial role in the manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace systems.

LOX-8 Paste is the go-to sealant for fuel lines and oxygen systems, and Lubit-8 is a mainstay lubricant in aircraft mechanical systems. In addition, HinderRUST is used to keep aircraft brake systems, bearings, fans, joints and motors free of corrosion.

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Tufoil Lubit-8

Common Uses: Universal Lubricant, Locks, Hinges, Pivot Points

LOX-8 Paste

Common Uses: Oxygen-Safe Sealant, Resistant to Harsh Chemicals

HinderRUST S4.0

Common Uses: Universal Solvent-free Rust Protection

HinderRUST HV100

Common Uses: Solvent-free Rust Protection especially resistant to water

Tufoil Engine Treatments
Tufoil for Engines

Common Uses: Ground Equipment, Support Generators