The Tufoil Technology

Tufoil has a pure synthetic base of the highest quality possible. The magic in Tufoil is the incredibly tiny size of the PTFE particles suspended in your oil.

We’ve got the answer and the proof! These photos to the right are taken through a Scanning Electron Microscope and compare the particles in Tufoil with the size of a human hair.

Tufoil’s suspension particles average less than 1 micron (0.000039″) in size so it mixes beautifully with your oil and can’t clog up your oil filter.

Tufoil for Engines is for use with 4-cycle engines.

Human Hair

Tufoil PTFE Particles

Oil Filter

The Benefits of Tufoil:

When Tufoil engine lubricant mixes with your engine oil, two things happen.

  1. Your oil changes into a highly efficient engine treatment with an extremely low surface friction.
  2. As your engine runs, this Tufoil-enhanced oil coats your engine and spreads everywhere to improve lubricity.

Now all the moving parts of your engine can glide against each other without causing deadly heat friction. The results are impressive:

  • Faster cranking speed under all weather conditions.
  • More efficient engine performance.
  • Increased horsepower and acceleration.
  • Extended engine life.
  • Lessens excessive engine oil burning

Common Questions about Tufoil Engine Treatment

Can Tufoil Engine Treatment be used with Synthetic Oils, Gear Oils and Greases?
Over the years, Tufoil has always mixed well with all mineral oils and synthetics oils. Recently, however, we have seen an emergence of glycol-based synthetic oils. We are mostly seeing it in high-end gear box synthetic oils for high temperature applications. Tufoil is not always compatible with glycol synthetics. If in doubt, you can check compatibility by mixing 1 ounce of Tufoil and 10 ounces of your oil at room temperature and stirring. No wait time is needed. Tufoil should dissolve right into your oil with no settling or clumping. If there is no separationTufoil is compatible with your synthetic oil.

Will Tufoil Help with an Engine that Burns Oil?
Many old engines show signs of oil burning. Tufoil Engine Treatment can help in some cases by freeing up partially sticking piston rings. We have heard of some dramatic improvements in cases where Tufoil freed up the rings so that they starting working properly again. However, if the rings are cemented solidly in their grooves or the cylinder is scored, no lubricant will eliminate the smoking.

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