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Tufoil Engine Oil Treatment
Industrial Tufoil

INDUSTRIAL TUFOIL® is a precisely formulated blend of synthetic and mineral oils with electrostatically charged submicron particles of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and soluble molybdenum compound suspended in and dispersed throughout the carrier.


INDUSTRIAL TUFOIL protects against scoring and scratching in operations such as stamping and deep drawing. For optimum results, add Tufoil to the reservoir or sump capacity when changing the system's oil.


Used in machinery, INDUSTRIAL TUFOIL reduces wear, noise, vibration and friction while improving production and cutting downtime. It reduces heat and operating oil temperatures, lowers starting torque, extends oil-drain intervals, eliminates sheet metal cracking, cuts waste and speeds production.



• machinery
• compressors
• gearboxes
• standard transmissions
• pumps
• forklift trucks
• hydraulic systems that do not use glycol lubricants
• stamping
• deep drawing

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Highly stable and resistant to thermal degradation, it will not stain metal parts or become tacky, and offers excellent corrosion protection. INDUSTRIAL TUFOIL improves performance of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and most metals.

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