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How to Apply HinderRUST

HinderRUST is a non-solvent, low-odor product packaged several ways. For small areas, HinderRUST comes in a squirt bottle and HinderRUST S4.0 is available in a 4 oz. can with a dauber. For larger areas, HinderRUST comes in quarts and gallons — perfect for use with a Low Pressure, High Volume sprayer.

For Rust and Corrosion Protection

Step 1: Apply HinderRUST to any standard paint brush

Step 2: Apply HinderRUST to part

For Lubrication

Simply spray HinderRUST directly onto machine ways, bearings, hinges, joints and motors.

Examples where to apply HinderRUST

Apply HinderRUST to movable parts

Apply HinderRUST to your power tools

Apply HinderRUST to your chainsaw

Apply HinderRUST to your hedge trimmers

Apply HinderRUST to your hedge cutters

Apply HinderRUST to your garden tools

Apply HinderRUST to rusty, squeaky hinges

For Vehicle Underbody Protection

Overview: The application of HinderRUST to the underbody of a vehicle is very easy.

Step 1. Using a Sure Shot Sprayer with a fan spray or a Low Pressure, High Volume (LPHV) Air Sprayer, apply an even coat of HinderRUST HV100 to the underbody of the vehicle. Our surface-active formula will creep into the smallest of areas over time, protecting and lubricating. Be careful to avoid hot areas like the exhaust pipe and muffler but don’t forget to spray areas such as wheel wells, emergency brake cable, brake lines, and spare tire area.  While you’re at it, open the hood on the vehicle and brush HinderRUST HV100 onto your battery terminals to keep them from corroding.

Step 2. When complete, clean out the spray gun to keep the HV100 from setting up inside the spray nozzle.

Step 3. Your vehicle is okay to drive immediately after spraying. Be aware that some HV100 may drip off the bottom of your vehicle and park accordingly. For the best protection possible, make the application of HinderRUST part of your annual vehicle maintenance.



Try HinderRUST today and we are sure you will never need another rust prevention product.

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