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We applied your product to a heavily rusted folding machine feed roller chain. The chain had been stiffened by rust for over a year, rendering the machine inoperable. HinderRUST dissolved the rust, lubricated the chain and returned it to a usable state.


My little rust tests are far from scientific… I just got a few pieces of steel and applied some different compounds on them and left them down near the beach to see what would happen. I will be using HinderRUST to control rust on my old Land Cruiser from now on. I’m just a guy with an old 4WD truck trying to keep it from dying a rusty death. I want to try to keep the vehicle for as long as I can, and rust control is very important if I am to achieve that dream.

The vehicle sees a lot of salt mist/fog while camping on beaches in Mexico… Hot, Humid, constant salt mist… Tropical corrosive hell to steel… But paradise for me!

When I can roust myself to come up with a coherent and believable customer feedback blog.. I’ll send it you’re way.
Problem is, Customer Feedback on manufacturer’s websites don’t really carry too much credibility… They just seem like another form of advertising … But maybe we can come up with some method to spread the good word.


I was very excited about Eureka Fluid Film, but after using a 12 oz. can on a few spots, and inside a body panel, and 2 doors, I soon discovered that I had contaminated my car with the stuff. The stink from the fluid vapors seem to last forever (2 months and counting so far). Even worse, the smell makes my lungs and throat ache and burn every time I even got NEAR it.

I have since tried to remove as much of the vile stuff as I can, but its impossible to get rid of all of it in the hidden nooks and crannys between body panels where I sprayed it. I still have to open all the windows an hour before I get in the car to try to AIR it out.. and I have to park the car on the street because it stinks up my garage (and makes my lungs burn).… 2 months after application.

Perhaps Fluid Film is “non-toxic”, and I wore a new 3M half-mask organic vapor cartridge respirator when I applied it, but I am obviously very sensitive to it or allergic to the lingering vapors… Maybe its those lambs! I suppose the vapors will dissipate after a few more months so I can drive pain free and park the car back in the garage.. I hope so. The product is used world wide and it has been around forever, so I guess it’s just my sensitivity/allergy to it, as I haven’t heard of other guys having this kind of problem.. Lucky me.

Also, I tried CorrosionX but it is too stinky for my liking as well, though it seems to work for rust control.
Any other compound that is toxic/smelly is instantly off my list.
HinderRUST, as you know, does have an odor (contrary to what the label says) but it is not as strong, not offensive to me, and does not bother me like the others do, and the smell does eventually go away.

I know I am making a big deal about the SMELL of these products. But odors or lack of them are significant. When we are driving in our car, we are living in our car for that period of time. My recommendation to anyone contemplating spraying the entire under-body of their vehicle is: Can You Deal With The Lingering Vapors? The square feet of steel that could be coated under a car by a CPC is perhaps 3X? 4X? the size of the outline of the vehicle… Thats a lot of square feet of wet corrosion oil giving off fumes… and if it bothers you, you’ve got a problem.

Any CPC that dries to a waxy film is off the list. Waxy compounds, in my experience do not work too well when applied to rusting and sort of dirty metal… The rust seems to continue to grow underneath the wax…

Any of the other CPCs that only come in a pressurized aerosol can will not work for me, as I need a bulk fluid that I can spray inside the boxed frame and other tubes/channels under my car with a schutz gun using a flexible extension wand. I wear a positive pressure, remote AIR supply respirator so I don’t breath any mist, and I spray it outdoors on a breezy day.. with me upwind. It only takes a few minutes, and I’ll do it once a year. I’ll brush HinderRUST on the rest of the stuff that needs it.

Choosing a good CPC shouldn’t be hard for anyone. All someone needs to do is purchase some small quantities of the products they are interested in and try them out for themselves. It doesn’t cost much or take very long (unlike testing paints) and its kind of fun to see how they perform. Thats what I did, and I ended up choosing HinderRUST.

Frederic W. Harding
Amazon Marketplace

We had to replace the toilet in our bathroom. I took the caps off the bolts and realized I had a major problem. The bolts were totally rusted and completely seized. The wrench was useless here. When I took the top off the toilet, I noticed that it was stamped “1954”. No wonder! These bolts have been on here for almost 60 years! I had some Hinderrust in the house, so I thought I would try it. I sprayed both bolts and waited about ten minutes. I tried the wrench again and both bolts came off like butter! I have never seen anything like it!

This is a great product. Not only does it stop rust but it’s an excellent lubricant!

C.G. / SC

Today, our first customer for HinderRUST is a shop repairing Rolls Royces for royalty and nobility. This old customer of ours usually has about a dozen Rolls awaiting repairs in his shop. Please let Mr. Reick know that Tufoil and now HinderRUST are proudly used on such cars meant for monarchy here.

Christopher Lim

HinderRUST soaks right into our wire rope, protecting the entire cable.

Chris Reinauer
Reinauer Transportation

HinderRust is causing me to chase my trash barrels around my driveway! I have two Rubbermaid Brute® Round Containers for trash in my driveway. For years, the ball bearing caster wheels have been squeaking and jamming – it was sometimes a challenge to wheel them out to the sidewalk because a frozen wheel would not allow the barrel to be pulled in a straight line.

Anyway, a couple months ago, I sprayed the casters and the wheel bearings with HinderRust, hoping to save the rusted bearings. Now, the roll so easily that the wind blows them from their place in the corner into the middle of the driveway. This sometimes means I need to get out of the car to move the barrels back to the corner before I can park the car. These things now roll on the slightest incline. I think I need to spray them with HinderRust to stop this barrel migration. Have you invented HinderRust yet? I did not de-rust the balls or races – I just sprayed on the HinderRUST. The barrels are out in the weather (not under cover at all).

I just thought you might like to hear that funny story. I’ll keep you posted on how long this behavior will last. Unfortunately, I did not log the date of application, but I’ve traced it to early September 2012 (figure we’re now at four months and counting).

Steve McMahon

I wanted to show you these two pictures of AIR con units. We spent the weekend at the beach and wanted to share this with you. The air con units are located near the ocean, not directly facing the ocean, but are affected by the salt in the air. While we are away, the units are just covered with a cardboard box to help as much as possible to have the units with the least contact to the salty air. The one unit on the first picture has been in place for over a year and a half and has been sprayed with a WD-40 type product some four times during this period. The second unit was installed new 9 months ago and taken apart before installation, HinderRust was applied to the inside parts and the outside cover was fully covered with HR. The results are amazing, it looks like new! HR was again applied to the outside of the unit as we left. We´ll check it on our next visit.

Adolfo Rios R.

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