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Tufoil Engine Oil Treatment

GUN-COAT was originally developed for use on firearms at the request of federal law enforcement agencies.


The rust inhibitors found in GUN-COAT make it an excellent candidate for dip coating parts that are already rusted. Steel parts can also be dipped for storage.

Use GUN-COAT on:


• firearms
• tools
• nuts and bolts
• antiques
• steel parts
• hinges

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The unique protective film formed with regular use of GUN-COAT will repel lint and protect against salt water and high humidity. A special patented process is utilized to permanently disperse micro-miniature particles (.05 - .5 microns in size) of Moly/PTFE in GUN-COAT. These suspended particles impregnate the microscopic voids in metal surfaces. Use GUN-COAT anywhere corrosion and rust are a problem.

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